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Registration No. : RI. 0103012002044
Active Ingredient : Ametrin 500 g/l
Mode of Action : Selective pre & post-emergence.
Form : Suspension concentrate.
Color : White.
 Crops  Targets Dosage Methods of application
Sugarcane, Corn Broad leaf Cleome rutidosperma Mimos invisa Ageratum conyzoides Phylalanthus niruri Portulaca oleracca Narrow leaf Digitaria ciliaris Digitaria sp. Echinochloa colonum ALMARIN 500 SC 4 – 6 l/Ha Applied in the pre-conditions to grow and full of weeds to grow and do in the morning and very supportive environment.
To control broadleaf weeds, narrow-leaved and puzzles. As Systemic herbicides pregrown and fullgrown. Easy to apply, are selective and do not damage the main plant. Applications can use the boomsprayer.
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