Registration No. : RI. 01030120093438
Active Ingredient : Isopropilamina glifosat 240g/l (setara dgn. glifosat 178 g/l) 2,4-D Amina 120 g/l (setara dgn. 2,4-D 95 g/l)
Mode of Action : Non-selective Systemic post emergence.
Form : Soluble concentrate.
Color : Yellow).
Crops Targets  Dosage  Methods of application
Oil palm Broad leaf
Ageratum conyzoides, Borreria alata, Synedrella nodiflora

Narrow leaf
Ischaemum timorense, Ottochloa nodosa

3 – 4 kg/Ha Weeds closing conditions on target weeds around 75%
  • Effective control of weeds thoroughly until the roots.
  • Controlling all types of weeds (broadleaved, narrow-leaved & amp; Credits).
  • Easily absorbed & amp; translocated to the entire network of weeds.
  • Secure against oil palm plantations & amp; Other crop.
  • Weed regrowth time is longer.
  • Does not need the addition of other surfactants. Can be mixed with other pesticides neutral.
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