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Product applications in oil palm plantations

Palm Oil (Elaeis Guineensis) is the main source of vegetable oil crops that can be used as a raw material of cooking oil, butter, soap and others. This plant comes from Africa and grows commercially in many countries. Indonesia has become a major producer of palm oil. Palm Oil plantations are based in Sumatra Island.

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Narrow-leaved weeds (TM)
Gulma Berdaun Sempit (TBM)
Mixed weeds (Imperata, broadleaf weeds and narrow, wooden children)
Weeds mixture (broad-leaved weeds and narrow)
Pakis Udang
Semak & Gulma berkayu keras
Tunggul pohon
Kacangan Penutup Tanah
Ulat api (Nettle Caterpillar)
Setora nitens
Theosa asigna
Setothosea asigna
Ulat Kantong
Metisa plana (Bag Worm)
Kumbang Badak
Rhinoceros sp (Rhino Beetle)
Macrotermes givlus (Termite)
Coptotermes curvignathus

5 L/Ha (100 ml/15 Ltr air)
3 L/Ha
2 L/Ha (60 ml/15 Ltr air)
2 L/Ha
2.5 L/Ha (75 ml/15 Ltr air)
5 L/Ha (100 ml/15 Ltr air)
0.5 L/Ha (10 ml/15 Ltr air)
2-4 L/Ha
2 L/Ha (60 ml/15 Ltr air)
2 L/Ha (50 ml/15 Ltr air)
100 ml/ 1 Liter solar
2-4 L/ha
2-4 L/ha
15 gr/tree
150 ml/Ha
10 ml/pohon (injeksi rod)
15 gr/tree
10 ml/pohon (injeksi rod)
15 gr/tree
10 ml/pohon (injeksi rod)
1-2 ml/L air
1-2 ml/L air
* Apply around the stump width 30 cm, height 50 cm from the ground
** Trunk injection
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