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ased in Indonesia, PT Dalzon Chemicals Indonesia was established in 2003 as a leading agrochemical technical grade and formulation manufacturer. We have a strong professional workforce with the orientation to prioritize the production of high-quality products that can be applied by farmers with the efficient rates and effective cost. We have a strong Research & Development team that continuously explore the best active ingredients and formulations that will be used in modern farming communities today. Our manufactory has advanced production equipment, modern laboratory corresponding production systems and international standards of quality inspection. We have a strong sales and distribution network throughout Indonesia with agronomists who work in the field to provide the necessary after sales technical support for our customers. Our customers in Indonesia include multinational companies, government, and farming community. Besides the local market, we also do export to Europe, America, Africa, India and Southeast Asia. We continue to extend our global reach by developing more innovative active ingredients and formulations. We also provide tolling and contract manufacturing services to local and international companies.


  • Provide high quality agrochemicals products and performance with international standard.
  • Serve the community estate (Planters) with the new generation agrochemical product.
  • Sell safety agrochemical products for environment and farming communities.
  • Ensure the agro business community and planters get advantages and benefits through the use of agrochemical products which have competitive price and high performance.
  • Provide product knowledge to the plantation and the planters through business and research teams that technically qualified.
  • Become native Indonesian multinational companies in agrochemical.
  • Help Indonesian farmers to increase the productivity.




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