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Registration No. : RI. 01030120134556
Active Ingredient : Amonium Glufosinat 150 g/l
Mode of Action : Contact and Systemic
Form : Solution in water
Color : Blue
Crops  Targets  Dosage  Methods of application
Oil Palm Gulma Berdaun Lebar Borreria alata Clidemia hirta Chromolaena odorata Gulma Berdaun Sempit Ottochloa nodosa Paspalum conjugatum 4 – 5 l/ha 4 l/ha 4 – 5 l/ha At the time of reaching the threshold weed control or visible symptoms of an attack
  • Kill all types of weeds quickly and thoroughly.
  • In addition to the hard woody weeds, effective also in shrubs and broadleaf weeds
  • One of the best herbicide for land acquisition.
  • Can kill the weeds are very difficult to eradicate effectively.
  • Weed regrowth time is longer.
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