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Peanuts (Arachis hypogaea) are plant that included in the family of Fabaceae (legumes) and come from North America. These plants grow once a year on the ground with the height of 30-50 cm. The leaves grow opposite, young leaves growing on a stalk with four leaves (two pairs are opposites, without terminal leaf). Leaf length is about 1-7 cm and the wide is about 1-3 cm. Peanut flowers have the same shape with others legumes flowers, the flower diameter is 2-4 cm, with yellow and red vein. After pollination, the fruit grows into 3-7 cm long peas that contained of 1-4 pieces nuts that implanted deeper in the soil until mature.

Ulat Tanah
Agrotis sp (Cutworm)
Penghisap daun
Empoasca sp (jassids)
Perusak daun
Plusia chalcites (Semi Looper)
Stomopteryx sp
(Groundnut Leaf Spot)
Penyakit bercak daun
Cercospora sp (Early Leaf Spot)
Penyakit Karat Daun
Puccinia arachidis (Rust)
1 – 1.5 ml/L air
0.5 – 0.75 ml/Lair
0.75 -1 ml/L air
1 – 1.5 ml/L air
0.5 – 1ml/L air
1.5 – 3 g/L air
0.5 – 1ml/L air
1.5 – 3 g/L air
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