Registration No. : RI. 01120120093416
Active Ingredient : Brodifakum 0.005%
Mode of Action : Anticoagulant poisons.
Form : Solids bait contain grains of rice
Color : Bluish green.
Rice Mouse
Rattus argentiventer
Put 1-2 pieces of bait on the street in front of the hole rat or active, at a dose of 0.4 to 0.8 kg feed so / ha or 100-200 pieces of bait / ha. Do when shit up before the bunting.
Baiting is done if found signs of the presence of rats (trail, street rat, droppings, rat burrows) and is based on the population census is if & gt; 20% of the bait eaten census.
At the moment there has been no census planting is done by installing a 5 point lures per ha. Deuteronomy feeding is done at intervals of 7-10 days until the mice stopped the attack.
Feeding dismissed if the rice is already pregnant.
  • Turn off all kinds of rodents, including mice that have immune (resistant) to other coagulant rodenticides.
  • Made from selected materials that are very unpopular mice.
  • Shaped solids that are not easily damaged by rain and sunshine so as to save the cost of feed and labor.
  • Do not give rise to the bait deterrent.
  • Easy application.
  • Having an effective antidote.
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