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Cloves come from North Maluku (spices-producer Island in Indonesia). The Dutch government expands cloves plantations on several islands around Maluku. After the Dutch monopoly ended in the 18th century, cloves were introduced to other countries. Indonesia is a major cloves consumer which uses almost 50 percent of cloves world productions, however most of them do not use for cooking but for smoking. Cigarettes that have cloves flavor are very popular and prefer by male smokers in Indonesia.

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Broadleaf weeds and Narrow-leaved weeds
Tow rod
Notophesus sp (Stem Borer)
Penyakit bercak daun
quinqueseptatum (Leaf Blight)
Penyakit Cacar daun
Phyllosticta sp (Leaf Spot)
2-5 L/Ha
1.5 -3 L/ Ha
2-4 L/ Ha
34 kg/Ha
2 gr/L
1.5 - 3gr/L
2 gr/L
1.5 - 3gr/L water
1.5 - 3 gr/L water
1 - 2 ml/L
2 gr/L
2 gr/L
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