Registration No. : RI.01020120103740
Active Ingredient : Klorotalonil 75%
Mode of Action : Contact
Form : Wettable powder
Color : Brownish white
Crops Targets Dosage Methods of application


Busuk daun
Phytophthora infestans
1 – 2 g/l When the population or intensity of pest attacks have reached the threshold recommended by local control.
Spraying is done if found symptoms of the attack and then at intervals of 5-7 days tailored to the level of attack.
If found active spots per 10 plants at intervals of 5-7 days.
When there is a 20% diseased leaf
leaf spot and rust.
If there are 20% of leaves infected leaf spot and rust.
When ditemuka attack symptoms,
1-week intervals (a day after plucking the leaves).
  • React quickly, because it works as a contact and stomach poison knock-down power Has a strong and effective
  • Helpless extensive work, so as to control various types of pests in plants is very powerful
  • controlling various types of pests in rice without causing phytotoxicity
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